What are the kind of foods that should be consumed for natural impact? An ectomorph diet should consist of :

  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins

Concentrate on eating complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grains and yams. These are tougher to break and do not spike the insulin in the body which is responsible for the fast metabolism. Therefore they will be stored in the body for longer and will add to the weight and help in muscle building. Along with the carbs, one has to also start out on lean proteins, not only in the form of foods like fish, chicken and turkey but also protein powders and shakes. Other than that, including fats in your diet is absolutely necessary just as well. But not the unhealthy fats like saturated oils that spike the levels of cholesterol and block arteries, but the natural, good fats that are found readily in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, omega 9 and omega 6. These can be found in foods like fish, avocados, and nuts.