Here are some more ideas to retain the taste and cut away the fat in your food. Try not to use egg yolk while eating eggs, try using two whites for one egg, it increases protein intake and reduces fat. When bread is the food of the day, try baking it with flavored veggies and fruits, to improve its look as well as flavor, for instance, spinach baked into bread gives it flavor, color and loads of nutrition too. Adding a pinch of spices like roasted ground cumin or oregano, even basil, also adds to its taste, and then, fat is just an option. It is always a great idea to experiment with spices, you discover new tastes and in most cases, consumption of unnecessary additives is discouraged. For example, using cardamom, cinnamon or vanilla will give an impression of sweetness, helping you to cut back on sugar. In any case, always try to use whole wheat grain or cornmeal to bake the bread, it acts as an internal scrubber as well as provides adequate proteins.