Smokin’ Hot Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin You’ve Been Longing For

Choosing a flattering lip color is not that easy. While there are a few lip colors that can brighten your complexion, there are many others that can make you look like clown. The trick to choosing the right lipstick shade is to analyze the skin tone and complexion. Both these terms have different connotations.

While fair skin or dark skin refers to the types of complexion, the skin tone is classified as warm or cool. To find out whether you have warm or cool undertones, check your wrists. If the veins appear green then you have warm tones while when the veins appear blue that means you have cool undertones. The actual lip color also makes a difference when choosing a lipstick shade. Ideally the lipstick color should be a shade darker than your natural lip color. Here are some flattering lipstick shades for women with fair skin.


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