Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

If you are bored of applying an eyeliner everyday then eyeliner tattooing is an ideal option for you. As mentioned before, eyeliner tattoo is similar to the usual tattooing process which involves permanent pigmentation of the dermis in the desired areas. The permanent make up tattoo looks similar to the makeup giving you an attractive look by enhancing the appearance of a tattooed area. Eyeliner tattoo is nothing but a permanent tattoo drawn around the eyes in place where the eyeliner is put and looks as if a person has put eyeliner, giving a natural look. But there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with permanent eyeliner and permanent makeup itself. To know about it, read further.

Advantages of Permanent Eyeliner

Having a permanent makeup may seem ideal for people who are always on the go and have to look presentable everyday but do not have much time for applying makeup on a daily basis. Some people are also allergic to certain cosmetic products including liquid eyeliners and eyeliner pencils, etc. For such people, permanent tattoo can be a boon which can allow them to look glamorous and attractive. Another advantage of permanent makeup is that it is smudge free which allows one to swim and shower without having to worry about the smudging eye makeup. With advanced micro pigmentation technique it is possible for one to choose the desired color or shade of the eyeliner. If you do not like the existing shade, a new shade can be created to suit your needs and requirements. Permanent eyeliner helps you create an illusion of darker, fuller, and thicker eye lashes by improving the appearance of light colored, and thin eye lashes. And lastly, eyeliner helps you define your eyes and make them more deeper giving your personality a character and a look. But there are various risks associated with eyeliner tattoo and you have to go through the following paragraph to know about them.

Disadvantages of Permanent Eyeliner

The very first disadvantage of permanent eyeliner tattoo lies in its name, that is, it is permanent. Since it is permanent you may not be able to change it for a very long time even if you want to. The effect of permanent tattoo lasts for around four years, after which it starts fading and gets lightened. So you must be ready and know that you have to carry a particular look for at least another five or six years. If the tattoo is designed by a less experienced professional there is a potential risk to your eye health, appearance of the eye, and your overall health. For example, if the shape of the liner goes wrong, you may have to deal with it for many more years to come, which can be certainly very challenging. If the tattoo performer uses unsterilized needle or tattoo machine then there are chances of acquiring different infections and skin diseases which can be hazardous for the eyes and the overall health of an individual. These were some of the dangers that you can be posed with while getting a permanent tattoo, but with an experienced and certified tattoo artist or a doctor this risk can be minimized.

Points to Remember

Well, after going through the advantages and disadvantages of the permanent tattooing and makeup, if you still decide to go for eyeliner tattooing then there are certain crucial things that you should be aware of. There are as following.

  • You must carry your favorite eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner bottle to show it to the tattoo artist or the doctor so that you get the desired shade.
  • The eyeliner tattooing procedure takes around three to four hours for one side liner, be it below or above the eyes.
  • You are not allowed to wear contact lenses for three to four day after getting the tattoo.
  • Your eyes may look puffy, red, and swollen for days after the eyeliner tattoo procedure.
  • If there are certain slight changes in the shape or the design, you may have to undergo a corrective procedure which generally does not take much time.
  • The pigmentation takes some time to stabilize so initially the shade of the eyeliner may be darker which comes to the desired shade within a few weeks.
  • Once the tattoo starts fading, you may like to visit the artist or the doctor once again to touch up the tattoo.
  • You may think of changing the color of the tattoo after a significant time period.
  • If you have to undergo a surgery, especially, eye surgery, then it is advisable to have it after the eyeliner tattoo is healed completely in order to avoid any complications.

In many countries there are strict rules regarding the skin penetrating micro pigmentation procedures, hence, it is advisable to ask the performer for the license or a registration certificate before getting a tattoo done by him. Otherwise, it can put you in massive legal troubles. Some experts also believe that it is best to get the permanent tattoo from the medical practitioner specialized in cosmetology and pigmentation, etc. Getting permanent tattoo is not a light issue so give a lot of thought before you go for it.


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