Liquid Eyeliner Styles

Some of the most commonly used styles are classic style, cat eye, smoky eye, funky, and natural.

The classic style is meant for those who wish to look simple yet elegant. It works when applied alone, without eyeshadow and mascara. Take a liquid eyeliner brush, and draw a line on your eyelid starting from the outer end and moving inwards. Run the eyeliner brush once more, but this time to thicken the outer half of the line. In this particular type of eyeliner application, do not apply kohl or eyeliner on the lower eyelid.

In the cat eyeliner style, you need to draw a smooth line on the upper eyelid and make it flip upwards. Draw a line on the lower eyelid, extend it outwards, and meet it up with the upper eyelid line. Use the eyeliner to fill in the portion where the two lines meet. This style looks best with a dark eyeshadow. You must try your hands on it if you have small eyes and wish to give them a wider look. To create a smoky style, apply eyeshadow and draw a thin line with the liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid. The eyeshadow and eyeliner color should complement each other. Now, blend the eyeliner line with the eyeshadow with the help of a brush. This will give a smudged and smoky look instantly.

To create a funky style, use a bright-colored eyeliner such as lime green, purple, electric blue, pink, etc. Apply a similar shade of eyeshadow. To choose the color of the eyeliner and eyeshadow, consider your skin tone and eye color. The natural liquid eyeliner style involves the usage of a neutral-colored eyeliner. It emphasizes the natural contour of your eyes, and therefore, it is the best style for large and beautiful eyes.


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