5 Lipstick Colors You Should Try This Fall

As the season changes, the makeup changes too, so you need to follow the latest makeup trends all the time. Today, we would like to give you a list of the 5 Lipstick Colors You Should Try This Fall and also to give you several tips on how you can wear...

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How to Repair a Broken Lipstick: It Isn’t All That Hard

  The ancient Mesopotamian women were the first to use lipsticks by crushing semi-precious stones to decorate the lips and eyes. Apparently, Cleopatra got her perfect shade of scarlet lipstick by crushing beetles and ants! Well, at least they did not have to bother about broken lipsticks. How many times...

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Lipstick Ingredients: What is Lipstick Made of?

  A lipstick is considered as the most essential makeup item, something that no women can do without. Most women use it on a daily basis, but have you ever wondered about what it is made of? Ingredients in a lipstick may vary depending upon the brand, make and the...

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Lipstick Colors for African-American Women

  A woman might forget to apply mascara or eye liner, but you will rarely see a woman stepping out of the house without a swipe of her favorite lipstick. There is something about a lipstick that makes it so appealing to women, both old and young. A good lipstick...

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Red Lipstick for Fair Skin

  A swipe of red lip color can make any woman look instantly glamorous and sexy. Red lip color has long been associated with confidence, boldness and glamor. Beautiful women of all generations from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow, all have sported red lipstick. There is something about red lipstick that...

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Dos and Don’ts While Wearing Red Lipstick

  Our lips have a natural reddish hue. The skin on our lips has about 3 - 5 cellular layers, as compared to the skin on our face (up to 16 layers). So, the thinner the skin, the appearance of the blood vessels increases; giving our lips their wonderful reddish...

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Pink Lipstick for Olive Skin

  There is hardly any woman, whether old or young who goes out without a swipe of lip color or lip gloss. A woman might skip applying a concealer or a foundation, but she hardly misses putting on her favorite lipstick. Although there are myriad of lipstick colors available in...

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Lipstick Colors for Olive Skin

  Olive complexion can be defined to be ranging from medium brown to slightly darker than wheatish. Women blessed with olive skin can try varied shades of lipsticks because the skin tone being neither dark nor fair, blends smoothly with any lip color. Olive skinned women can wear deep berry...

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