Diet Tips

How to Plan a Diet on a Budget

  Eating healthy is important when one is on a diet. Being on a diet, does not mean that one would have to starve or eat less. In fact, it involves the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Poultry, eggs, and fish are also included in it. Food can be...

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What to Eat When Dieting

  Before deciding what you should, and shouldn't, eat when you are dieting, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. While weight loss largely depends on what you eat, some of it also depends on your mindset. You should be determined to lose weight, otherwise no matter...

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Mesomorph Diet

  All of us have a problem with our body types. Some are too lean, some too large, and some, enviously just right. These body types (and their associated personality traits) have been given specific names by a prominent psychologist known as William Sheldon. Also known as somatotypes, the classifications...

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Is it Safe to Starve Yourself?

  Starving is not the correct way to lose weight. It is not a medically recommended concept. And it is not safe. You may think of it as a way to lose weight fast. But it is not easy, and moreover, it isn't healthy. Apart from fatigue and lack of...

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Ectomorph Diet

  You know how there's always, always that girl in your posse of friends who's the thin one? The one who never ever puts on an inch? Like you're sitting in a fast food joint and she's gorging on that triple layered cheese burger and you're gaining weight simply by looking at...

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Effective Diet Tips

  A wholesome diet incorporates maximum amount of nutrients, which can help the body to carry out its functions smoothly. A diet which doesn't provide nutrition cannot be healthy no matter how tasty it is. In fact, most of the tasty food items that one consumes these days are shallow...

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Best Dieting Tips

  We all know how hard we have tried to first resolve to go on a diet, then practice it, and then stick to it. Dieting has been made to look like a hardest thing to follow. It is this misconception that deters so many people from choosing to use...

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Diet Tips for Women

  The fact is that, if you are an overweight woman, you have to lose weight in order to protect yourself from the damage caused to your body due to excess body weight. Also, when you lose some weight, it can make you more confident and you will look more...

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