Are You a Fashion Victim? – Quiz

We are all victims of our thoughts and perspectives. Held prisoners in these premises, we seldom think beyond them. But when you solely work from within these walls, the effect of these thoughts on your actions can prove to be harmful. And the fashion enthusiast trapped within such confines turns into a fashion victim. The latter is, unfortunately, who falls for every fashion trick and treat. The need to follow the trend is so pressing, that very little thought is given to how it would look on the given body type. Instead of being fashionable, these people end up being out of place and inappropriately dressed.

But how do you know whether you are falling prey to fashion’s beguiling voice? Self-analysis is quite biased and a one-sided affair. It serves no purpose, as you end up analyzing your idea of perfect, which seems to remain perfect at all times. Instead, Fashionhance presents a five-minute quiz, so that you know your fashion quotient.


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