15 Incredible Ideas for 3D Nail Art

Nails have become an accessory now, just like jewelry. When women shop for their wedding dress, they search the whole store to get the right match of nail art accessories. Of course, we ladies want to deck up, and why leave our nails out of this? Now, you just don’t need embellishments for your dress, you need to embellish your nails too, otherwise how would you pep them up?

As if glittery nail art and manicures were not enough, now you have style popping out of your nails. You can design your nails the way you want, and hey, you can even stick small miniature trinkets on your nails, how cool is that!! When it comes to designing 3D nail art, sky is the limit. You can sport anything from flowers to bows on your claws.

Women are done with plain manicures, now they want something creative and stylish for their nails too, because sometimes your hands also do the talking. Before we claw through some brilliant and intricate 3D nail art ideas, here are a few points to keep in mind.


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